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  • How do I enroll my child for respite care services?
    The enrollment process for Awesome Respite begins with an in-person consultation. To begin the consultation process click here to complete the consultation request.
  • Is there an enrollment fee?
    Yes. Currently, there is a nonrefundable $100 enrollment fee for all new families.
  • When are enrollment fees due?
    Enrollment fees are invoiced to parents using our online portal. Each invoice will have a date noting when the enrollment fee is due. Parents may opt to pay all at once or split the $100 enrollment fee into two or four equal installments.
  • What is needed to secure my enrollment?
    Parents approved for respite care services will receive a notification via their online portal with a list of required documents to confirm enrollment. All documents and the enrollment fee must be submitted before respite care services are rendered.
  • Does my child need an autism diagnosis to enroll?
    No. Your child does not need an autism diagnosis to enroll. We do specialize in providing services to children on the autism spectrum. Our services customized for families raising children with special needs and disabilities. To qualify for services your child does need to fall into the category of having a disability. Siblings being serviced during the time of respite do not need to have a disability.
  • What is a consultation?
    A consultation is an in-person meeting at your home with one of our administrators, usually our Respite Care Coordinator. Consultations typically last about an hour. It gives us a chance to evaluate your child(ren) in their most comfortable environment, learn where our staff should be during respite, and learn your house's off-limits places/rooms.
  • Are consultations mandatory?
    Yes! Awesome Respite conducts in-person consultations for all new families seeking our respite care services. While we offer virtual events and meetings, a consultation can not be conducted virtually.
  • Who needs to be at my home during a consultation?
    Our Respite Care Coordinator needs to meet your awesome kiddo! Without meeting your child we can not successfully determine your child's eligibility for respite care. We also need to meet the parents/guardians and anyone in the home who may play a pivotal role in your child's daily routine. During an in-person consultation, we rely on parents/guardians to let us know where you would like staff to be during respite, your kid's favorite place at home, favorite snacks, etc. Also, let us know what areas are off-limits! If you plan to have our staff provide any services to any siblings, they need to be in the home during the time of consult. Our Respite Care Coordinator will not come to your home multiple times for a consult. If you need to reschedule for any reason we ask you to reach out to the Respite Care Coordinator immediately to reschedule your consultation.
  • Can I skip the consultation process?
    No. In-person consultations are mandatory. This is the first step in receiving services from us. Awesome Respite has specific guidelines to ensure the safety of our safe and the families we serve. Most of our employees spend a significant amount of time in the homes of families. Families who refuse an in-person consultation will be denied respite care services.
  • How long is a consult?
    Our Respite Care Coordinator schedules consultations in 1-hour increments. Awesome Respite values your time. We collect a lot of information prior to the consultation in order to help save time.
  • Do I need more than one consultation?
    If you haven't received services from us for 6 months or more, moved, or had significant changes at home we are subject to conduct a new consultation.
  • Can consultations be conducted outside of my home?
    No. It is vital that we conduct an in-home consultation for services. Our staff spends most of their time in your home assisting your child. We want to ensure that we do our best to provide the best in-home and community-based services possible.
  • What is respite care?
    Respite is an interval of relief during a period of time. Respite services provides a period of relief for caregivers, parents, and families.
  • Who is respite care for?
    Awesome Respite provides respite care service to children with special needs. We specialize in caring for children on the Autism Spectrum. Your child does not need an ASD diagnosis to recieve our respite care services.
  • What's different about Awesome Respite?
    Awesome Respite offers families an individualized childcare experience. Our goal is to serve each child and family based on their individual needs. When a staff member from Awesome Respite provides care to your child, they are required to inquire about your child’s daily schedule, activities you would like then engaged in during that time, and so forth. We strive to provide your child with as much structure and follow schedules you already have in place. Check out our services page to see what services we offer.
  • Do I need this service?
    The demands of childcare can become overwhelming for families raising children with special needs. Awesome Respite aims to reduce some of the stress families with children on the Autism Spectrum deal with by providing in-home and community-based childcare services. Our goal is to lessen family life challenges for parents and siblings.
  • What age group does Awesome Respite provide services to?
    Awesome Respite provides services for children ages 3-21 years of age.
  • Does Awesome Respite provide ABA services?
    No. Awesome Respite provides in-home and community-based childcare services only. If you are seeking ABA Therapy we recommend contacting our friends at Proud Moments. Tell them Awesome Respite referred you!
  • My child had siblings. Can the staff watch them too?
    Yes! Our staff will evaluate the needs of your home and your children. If more than one staff is needed for any reason you will be notified in advance.
  • Does Awesome Respite offer speech services?
    No. Awesome Respite does not offer speech services. However, we can give you a referral to a phenomenal speech therapy service in the area!
  • Do I need to stay home during respite care services?
    Nope! Our services are designed with you in mind! Families and guardians are free to leave the home while their child(ren) are receiving respite care services. Families may also ask the staff to take children out into the community for activities such as swimming, going to the park, lunch, etc.
  • What areas does Awesome Respite provide services to?
    Awesome Respite is an ever growing respite care agency. We are based in Columbia, Maryland however, we provide respite care services to the surrounding counties listed below. Currently, we are providing respite care services to the following Maryland counties: -Anne Arundel County -Baltimore City -Baltimore County -Carroll County -Charles County -Howard County -Montgomery County -Prince George's County -Queen Anne's County Please note, due to ongoing respite request we are extending our services as requested. If you have questions about what areas we service feel free to send us message!
  • Does Awesome Respite offer camps or have a center?
    No. Our services are individualized to each of our families. At this time, we do not offer camp services. We also do not have a center to drop off or pick up children from. All of our services are provided in-home or in the community. Service areas are scheduled to best fit the need of the each family.
  • Is there a certain amount of time I need to schedule?
    Approved families may request respite care services for any time of the day and any day of the week. We do our best to staff request. However, staffing is based on the assigned technician's availability. Some families have more than one tech assigned to their home to aid with coverage.
  • What if I have a question that is not listed here?
    If you have a question that is not listed here, we encourage you to contact us via email at Our team spends a lot of time in the community and we are able to respond much quicker to email.
  • Can I schedule respite for a date night?
    Whether you have a family trip, summer break, or just need a date night, we have you covered! Families use our services for quick grocery runs, mini getaways, bus stop pickups and so much more! If you have any questions feel free to send us an email
  • What if I need someone to spend the night with my kid?
    Breathe, we have you covered! Before scheduling an overnight respite care service, we will schedule a brief consultation about the needs of your child during the time of your absence. Once an Awesome Respite Staff is assigned we will collect information about where things are in your home, nightly routine for your child, and so forth. We will go into great detail to make sure we are able to provide the best service possible care while you are away.
  • How do I schedule respite for a vacation?
    Send us the details of your vacation, your preferred staff member, and any other key details about your trip. You will receive information about payment options and the assigned staff.
  • How do I pay for services?
    All payments are submitted electronically. Parents receive a detailed invoice via an individualized online accounts 2xs a month. We accept payment for services via PayPal, Venmo, mobile payments through Square, and check. We also accept Low Intensity Support Services (LISS). For more information about LISS funding click here. LISS awards up to $2000 to assist eligible children and adults with developmental disabilities with purchasing eligible services and/or items to address their needs. Families may also apply for funding through their counites Department of Human Services. If you are interested in learning more about funding through DHS reach out to us via email at Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept insurance or the autism wavier. This will be an accepted form of payment in the near future!!
  • How much are services?
    As of January 2023, the cost for respite services is as follows: -$25 for one child -$45 for two children -$65 for three children The above prices are hourly rates. Prices are subject to change at any time. Parents will be notified via email and our app of any and all price changes. Fees for travel and vacation respite are quoted and agreed to at the time of the request. Travel and vacation respite services require a deposit. The remaining balance will be sent to parents in accordance with our billing cycle.
  • Can I use an outside agency to pay for respite?
    Absolutely! We accept Low Intensity Support Services (LISS). For more information about LISS funding click here. LISS awards up to $2000 to assist eligible children and adults with developmental disabilities with purchasing eligible services and/or items to address their needs. Families may also apply for funding through their counites Department of Human Services. If you are interested in learning more about funding through DHS reach out to us via email at Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept insurance or the autism wavier. This will be an accepted form of payment in the near future!! Families may also receive sponsorship from local businesses to assist in the cost of respite care.
  • What are the requirements to become employed with us?
    Respite Care Technician Requirements High-school diploma or equivalent Must be 18 years or older Pass a full background check Valid driver’s license Efficient communication and comprehension skills Mobile phone At least one year of experience working specifically with children with special needs CPR & First Aid Successfully interview with our admin team Successfully complete all required trainings
  • Can an employee transport my child?
    Yes. Our employees can transport your child places within your community. Awesome Respite offers individualized respite care services. We understand that the needs of each child are different. We advise all parents that transportation services are at the discretion of Respite Care Tech and the parent(s).
  • How do I contact someone from Awesome Respite?
    Due to the nature of our work, we can be best reached by email at We are happy to schedule a phone call if needed. Need to send us a fax? 410-290-5285
  • How do I write a review?
    Leave a review on Google, Yelp, or our Facebook Page!
  • Is Awesome Respite on social media?
    Yes, we are! We are active and responsive on social media. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!
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